JCat Beauty Haul at Alabang Town Center Sale


The trouble with not being a beauty junkie is that I never go on a spending rampage in the cosmetics aisle (or is that a good thing?). That is why in 8 years of being a makeup artist, I have never really posted about cosmetic hauls even though I have been awestruck by other bloggers who have done so. But you know what I do love? I love a good makeup sale — and JCat sent me a text message that there was going to be one at Alabang Town Center. So I packed my children in their stroller and made a beeline for JCat straight away, and here’s what I bought.

1. Prime Time Makeup Primer Spray in Rose

IMG_4324 3I’m crazy about primers and I’m crazy about Rose! I understand that the use of primers is a bit of a mild debate among makeup artists. Some of us love it and others hate it because they feel that another layer of product underneath foundation is one too many layers on the skin. To each her own. Personally, I love primers because of their ability to freshen up the skin, moisturize, and fill in pores.

But do you know what I love more than a good primer? A primer with rose as an ingredient! Rose has a long history and a glorious long standing reputation as an anti-aging skin care ingredient. It tones the the skin, reduces the appearance of pores, and has a heavenly therapeutic scent. I use rose on a daily basis in one way or another in my skin care routine and I think it has contributed in a big way to my being fine at 39! (I am aware I sound conceited, but I love rose, and I love what it does for my skin).

JCat’s priming spray with rose just makes so much sense to me. It was the first thing I went for when I entered the store.

2. Freedom Creator Mix Lip Palette

IMG_4350 2A makeup artist’s makeup kit is FULL of lipstick (and eye makeup) but the trouble is, lipstick tubes can be heavy and bulky. Having a palette of lipstick is definitely the more convenient option. Having a palette of infinite lipstick possibilities is even better!

This palette has 18 shades of lipstick including the primary colors plus white and black. If all of those colors come in a handy dandy compact palette, it’s an absolute winner.

3. Browlyst Style Your Brow Gel Set

IMG_4338 2Before finding out that Browlyst existed, my go to eyebrow gel was Makeup Forever’s Aqua Brow. I had long run out of Aqua Brow and it just isn’t convenient for me to go north bound on SLEX with two small babies to take care of. So when I found a similar product in JCat, I bought it without hesitation.

The kit includes a light and dark brown shade that could be combined to the desired shade for any client. I think you’re starting to catch my shopping philosophy: if it’s versatile, I’m buying it!


4. Lovestruck Blusher + Bronzer in Babe and Honey Bunches

IMG_4274Before I even thought that becoming a makeup artist was a possibility in my future, I was a young college student who loved to go to school all primped and mascaraed. But a full face of makeup wasn’t always possible. So if I had absolutely no time, my go-to look was a bit of tinted moisturizer and powder blush. I always felt instantly fresh and beautiful.

Today was a good day to add two beautiful blush shades to my kit: Honey Bunches and Babe. The first is a sweet peachy pink shade that I think would be perfect for a bridal or debutante day time photo shoot; while the second is a deeper pink brown shade that is more versatile for day to night glam time.

I’m not one to fall for product design and packaging, but come on, you guys, who could resist that glittery cat logo in the center? I’m sure you can’t and neither can I. I just had to have these.

5. Matte Lipstick Diary in Too Close

IMG_4311Another lipstick? Yes, a beige nude shade called ‘Too Close.’ I don’t know about others but I always have a difficult time finding a beige nude lipstick that I could use when I want my eye makeup to stand out. Do even though I got the Freedom Creator, I just had to get this nude.


So that’s it for my haul. I had an immensely lovely time going makeup shopping and the fact that I was the first in there during a mall wide sale makes me feel extra clever for getting up early.

Do you have a favorite haul? Share it with me in the comments section below!



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